The Space is a small county wide specialist unit offering support for pupils aged 6 – 16 whose needs have been identified as:-

  • Complex Needs
  • Severe ASD
  • Challenging behaviours

It is a self contained small environment which offers low levels of stimulation and an individualised approach to ensure emotional health and well being of pupils is supported. We offer a highly consistent environment with excellent standards of care and seek to understand each individual.

The Space offers an alternative and individualised curriculum specifically focused on communication, independence and emotional wellbeing.

Pupils follow a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum, which is differentiated to meet individual needs and interests.  Our aim is for all students to enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. There is a clear structure and rhythm to the day to provide ASD students with boundaries to engage in learning, develop self-care skills and reducing anxiety surrounding transition.

A total communication system to enable learners to become effective communicators with activities and experiences to express sense of self, own needs to support self behaviour management.

Students experience regular and frequent periods of individual teaching alongside opportunities for group and independent work.   Individual programmes of work are developed from a student’s Education, Health & Care plan (EHC).

The individual needs and preferences of pupils are incorporated into their daily schedules to promote a positive and adapted curriculum.

It is a progressive curriculum which aims to ensure that skills learnt are transferable, with appropriate planning and support, into the home, the local community and future placements.

The Space has a strong behaviour management approach which underpins a student’s self-esteem, pupils are provided with boundaries which enables them to engage in learning and manage their own behaviours without becoming isolated from their peers.

The Space is skilled in dealing with young people with challenging behavioural needs who have similar needs/anxieties. The unit is effective at managing these needs and allowing pupils to engage in learning and activities.

14-16 year olds where appropriate follow recognised accreditation courses and we work closely with Post 16 providers to ensure a smooth transition.