Our Partners

The South and West Association of Leaders in Special Schools (SWALSS)

The South and West Association of Leaders in Special Schools (SWALSS) was formed in 1985, initially to provide support and professional development to special school headteachers. Since that time we have broadened our reach and now offer well regarded conferences and other training opportunities to Deputy/Assistant Headteachers, Middle Leaders, School Business Managers and Governors. SWALSS is a voluntary organisation and is entirely dependent upon the funding it can generate through membership subscription, the running of events and sponsorship.

Gloucestershire Association of Special Secondary Headteachers (GASSH)

Gloucestershire Schools Partnership (GSP)

GSP is a group of 40 Primary schools in Gloucester City.  The group is committed to effective challenge and support in order to provide the highest quality provision to raise the attainment, aspirations and life chances of the pupils in the Partnership.

G15 Partnership

G15 is a partnership of all 12 secondary schools in Gloucester city who link with The Milestone School, Gloucestershire College and the Pupil Referral Service.  The Partnership is driven by a clear set of beliefs and united by a desire to see standards of achievement rise still higher across all our schools.  It is a Partnership that directly impacts on standards through partnership working and pooling of collective expertise.