Support Staff

Administrative Staff

  • Operational Lead – Lara Cole-Williams
  • Administrative Assistant – Lauren Farley
  • EHCP Co-ordinator and Exams Officer – Lisa Hope
  • Administrative Assistant – Joanne Hall
  • Administrative Assistant/Supply Coordinator – Leanne Truelove

Careers Advisor

  • Jude Wilcox

Family Support Team

  • Louise Nash
  • Molly Clark
  • Karla Weale

Data Manager

  • Val Holliday

Fundraising Officer

  • Ed Turnill

Premises Staff

  • Andy Hendy
  • Tom Johnson
  • Tim Brooks

Kitchen Team

  • Catering Manager – Michelle Hockley
  • Catering Assistant – Shelley Page
  • Catering Assistant – Gregory Dix
  • Catering Assistant – Chris Pinkney
  • Catering Assistant – Karen Grigg
  • Catering Porter – James Marshall

We have a number of midday supervisors who help deliver food and feed pupils in the dining hall and classrooms.

Other professionals based at school

We have staff based at school who form part of the inter disciplinary team including Physiotherapists and Speech & Language therapists.