When you Arrive at School

Please take care when driving onto the school site and be aware that pupils may be crossing between school buildings and the playground area.

Visitor and disabled parking bays are available at the front of the school site.  Please do not park in the designated minibus parking bays, in areas designated for school transport or bays marked with a P, if you are not a parent of a pupil at our school.

When signing at reception you will be given a visitors permit to display on your car dashboard if you have parked on site.

Please make sure you bring a valid ID with you.  If you are unable to provide ID you will not be able to enter the school premises.

Please call the reception team on 01452 874000 for more information. Thank you for your understanding.

Take the Tour

We are very pleased to be able to welcome you on a tour of our school at 3.30pm on the following days.

  • Wednesday 4th January
  • Wednesday 18th January
  • Wednesday 3rd May
  • Wednesday 17th May



We also offer Department tours on the following dates at 3.30pm

  • Wednesday 5th October (dob after 2012)
  • Wednesday 19th October (dob before 2012)
  • Wednesday 2nd November (dob before 2012)
  • Wednesday 16th November (dob after 2012)
  • Wednesday 30th November (dob before 2012)
  • Wednesday 14th December (dob before 2012)
  • Wednesday 1st February (dob after 2012)
  • Monday 13th February (dob before 2012)
  • Wednesday 1st March (dob before 2012)
  • Wednesday 15th March (dob after 2012)
  • Wednesday 29th March (dob before 2012)
  • Wednesday 19th April (dob before 2012)
  • Wednesday 7th June (dob after 2012)
  • Wednesday 21st June (dob before 2012)
  • Wednesday 5th July (dob before 2012)


Please contact our Reception team for more details and to reserve a place by calling 01452 874000 or emailing admin@milestone.sandmat.uk